Audrie Sturman

September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Audrie Sturman

The rhythms of nature IGNITE my creative vision. My abstract sculpture reflects its movements and changes.

The movement of the wind, the clouds, the waves, create a visual, physical and spiritual poetry. Which, together with man’s thoughts over thousands of years, DRIVE my own ideas and artistic responses.

My relief sculpture, for example, “Petrified Wind,” allows me to work in 2 and 3Dimensions.  On both a small and large scale. Having an early background in Painting and Printmaking, I enjoy incorporating this experience into my sculpture.

Though my work is spontaneous, small models often serve as a guide and inspiration for an entire series, leading to large inter related sculptural groupings.
The wind is like the earth’s pulse; it breathes, it moves, with these groupings I try to hold and embrace the wind.

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