Cheryl Horning

January 24, 2019 Comments Off on Cheryl Horning

There is something magical about breathing life and movement into a lump of clay. It is endlessly fascinating to me that such small changes in anatomy create such different individuals and emotions. Muscle, tissue, skin and bone carry the life story of each person. I am fascinated by identity, where we come from, and who we think we are. I draw inspiration from people’s stories, contemporary and ancient to create characters with interior lives of struggle and hope.

For me making sculpture is a way to escape, heal, explore, discover, and play. I build up clay using waddies and coils to create heads and figures. My figures run a continuum from realistic to abstract and from human to botanical.

Whether I am working on figures or abstract pieces, I am expressing ideas about relationships to one another, to the environment, to God and to mystery.

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