Elisa Sheehan

January 24, 2019 § Leave a comment

It takes a robust vocabulary to get closer to describing the indescribable.
But my vocabulary isn’t just comprised of words…

It contains entire spectrums of color.

I’ve always painted. But before my life was full-time artist, children, and outdoor escapade it was job in Boston, graphic design, and urban frenzy. When we relocated upstate to go rogue and rural, the next right move was that I freelance, resulting in a booming design business I ran for thirteen years. Still, I never left the quiet of the canvas, and my work continued to migrate through the galleries…

Some impulses cannot be denied. And none of our loves should ever be ignored.
As unsentimental as the seasons, I closed the design business so my painting one could begin.

My work involves research and recon. Solo adventures outdoors with my sketch book and camera, or scavenging the woods with my children – look at this, mom!…look at this…now, look at this…

I walk home with sticks in my pocket – nature’s body language.
I develop my photos in black and white to focus entirely on shape – nature’s accents.
I mix colors, layer them, put them next to each other, discover them – nature’s attitude and moods.

It’s one thing to replicate the look of the outside world…it’s quite another to capture the thrill of its drama.

We live on the outskirts of busyness and modern norms to be closer to what sustains us. And while our choices haven’t always been easy, anything worth doing demands its sacrifice.

As a result of making them, I’ve never been a starving artist. Just a bit untamed…and always a bit ravenous to get back to my work – making art that sustains others by inviting the outdoors in.

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