Oakroom Artists Member Directory

Active Members Directory

Please click on the artist who’s website you wish to see. Active Members have a solo exhibition every two years, Associate Members exhibit in group shows.

Karen J. Cooper

George Dirolf

Constance Dodge

Stu Eichel

Peg Foley

Carolyn Justice

Kathy Klompas

Steve Kowalski

Kevin Kuhne

Phyllis Kulmatiski

Gary W Masline

Beverley Mastrianni

Doretta Miller

Fred Neudoerffer

Hana Panek

Corey Pitkin

Helga Prichard

Karen K. Rosasco

Robin Rosenthal

Gary Shankman

Audrie Sturman

Takeyce Walter

Michelle Winnie

Associate Members Directory

Elizabeth Apgarsmith

Laurie G. Beitch

Beverly Bondley

Laura Catullo

Dave Francis

Robert Gullie

Gail Kort

Audrey G. Kuhn

Erik Laffer

Lori Lupe Pelish

Janet F. Pieniazek

Elaine Pospisil

Mary Ellen Riell

Maureen Saul

Tom Schottman

Life and Charter Member

Betty Rothe




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